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1. Assets

  •  A forest of more than 320 acres with hiking trails
  •  A fresh water lake for swimming, equipped with a deck and floats to set limits for small children and rowing boats
  •  A maple forest (with 2 000 taps)
  •  A sugarhouse
  •  Mountain bikes
  •  A chicken run
  •  A stable

2. Accommodation capacity

Groups 20-40 (children, teenagers, students).

3. Accommodation / meals

  •  Dormitories (for girls and for boys) equipped with bunk or folding beds, showers (with hot water), toilets, sinks
  •  Dining room (regional specialties cooked with products from the farm)
  •  Camping (tents 6 to 8 people can be set close to the farm) optional.

4. Staff

  •  Horseback riding teacher
  •  Lifeguards
  •  Cooks
  •  Guides for excursions
  •  English (or French) tutor.
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