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This very refined and top-of-the-line product allows, once it is planted, a generous harvest for 15 years, provided the protocol necessary to its production, is respected. To increase the chances of success of an asparagus patch, it is necessary to prepare the soil adequately (respect the balance in nutritional elements and pH). The type of soil is a determining factor to the survival of an asparagus patch, both medium and long term. The preparation process is quite a long one and lasts for 2 years, after which it is possible to plant the asparagus crowns. It is necessary to wait for another 2 years to start the first harvest, which lasts approximately 10 days, in order to avoid the depletion of the patch. The full harvest can start after 6 years, and can last for 5 weeks. A mature asparagus patch can provide asparagus for 15 years.

It is impossible to improvise in that field, due to the requirements and costs entailed in each of the above detailed stages.

Asparagus production is mostly concentrated in La Mauricie reqion. A mostly sandy and well drained soil is key to establish an asparagus patch.


The cycle for the leek plantation starts with the seeding in greenhouses as soon as February. At the end of April, the young plants are transferred outside, a necessary stress time to prepare them for the open field at the beginning of May.

There is an irrigation process that starts afterwards, then weeding (using a mechanical device or by hand) and fertilization.

The harvest starts at the end of July, and lasts until the end of October on average.


The cultivating of beans is both easy and complex and needs very little control. However, during the harvest, the unexpected can happen, due to the climate, the growing of the bean, the humidity level, factors which need to be managed daily to be able to complete the production.

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