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La Ferme du Domaine allows its visitors to discover the farm business and its environment. It is endowed with multiple assets which allow a variety of activities. It not only offers accommodation, but also activites on location and close to the holding.

1. Sporting activities

  •  Horseback riding : initial training and courses given by a licensed trainer
  •  Horseback rides (for experienced riders)
  •  Hiking
  •  Biking (mountain bikes)
  •  Volley-ball
  •  Swimming

2. Nature discovery

  •  Discover the unique fauna and flora of Quebec
  •  Observe deers and mooses (when possible) in their natural habitat
  •  Visit the sugarhouse and taste the maple syrup and products
  •  Forest excursions (discovery trails)
  •  Visit the neighboring farm and pick up seasonal fruits (strawberries and raspberries when in season)
  •  Get acquainted with the farming business (cultivation practices and care to animals from the farm and the stable).

3. Cultural exchanges

Meet people from the region (children and teenagers).

4. Teaching activities

  •  English or French courses [NEW]
  •  Internet and computer classes (groups of 4) [NEW]
  •  Compass and direction finding
  •  Interpretation of the flora and the fauna of Quebec
  •  Understanding the process of maple syryp making.

5. Special activities

  •  Special evenings
  •  Picnics
  •  Camp fires and entertainment
  •  Team play
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