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In order to diversify its business, La Ferme du domaine has added yet another activity to its line of business : the processing of its products and has started marketing gourmet food products, like leek confit, leek vinaigrette, asparagus vinaigrette and leek quiche. The objective being to offer quality products made with the raw material we have. These products can be purchased in specialised gourmet food stores and our clients have shown and confirmed their interest.

Since La Ferme du Domaine has a direct control over the cycle of its productions, it can guarantee the freshness and safety of its processed products.

Leek confit

Made from an original and unique recipe, our leek confit is prepared exclusively with the leeks cultivated at the farm. It is subtly aromatized with vinegars, also prepared in Quebec (like raspberry vinegar) and cider. It is cooked slowly and is the ideal condiment for meats and fish.

Leeks vinaigrette - Asparagus vinaigrette

Carefully picked for their size and tenderness, the vegetables are prepared and processed following a recipe which gives them an exceptional quality, aroma and flavour.

Leek quiche

Leeks, leeks and leeks, and some eggs … The raw material abounds at La Ferme du Domaine and our quiche is the best it can be.

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